Since its inception, NIET has received generous support from the following organizations:

Milken Family Foundation
The Milken Family Foundation was established by brothers Lowell and Michael Milken in 1982 with the mission to discover and advance inventive and effective ways of helping people help themselves and those around them lead productive and satisfying lives. The Foundation advances this mission primarily through its work in education and medical research.

Lowell Milken Family Foundation
The Lowell Milken Family Foundation (LMFF) is based on a core belief that human capital remains the world’s most important asset. And education remains the best means for cultivating human capital by providing young people with the skills, knowledge and experiences to prepare them for rewarding and productive lives. Committed to "strengthening communities through innovation and education," LMFF is dedicated to developing solutions for societal challenges through improving the K-12 education system and opportunities for life-long learning. The Foundation focuses its efforts on groundbreaking and comprehensive initiatives that provide powerful opportunities for educators, students and people of all ages.

United States Department of Education
TAP has received federal funding through grants from the United States Department of Education, including the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF). The Department has described TAP as "a new path to follow" and praised TAP for giving teachers opportunities to improve their skills, take on more responsibilities and get rewarded for making a real difference in the classroom.

Joyce Foundation
Established in 1948 by Beatrice Joyce Kean of Chicago, the Joyce Foundation supports efforts to protect the natural environment of the Great Lakes, to reduce poverty and violence in the region and to ensure that its people have access to good schools, decent jobs and a diverse and thriving culture. In the realm of education, the Foundation works to close the achievement gap by improving the quality of teachers in schools that serve low-income and minority children, expanding early childhood education and promoting innovations such as charter schools and small schools.

Credit Suisse Americas Foundation
Credit Suisse works with its partner organizations for the good of the community and looks for ways to improve the standard of living of people around the world. The Credit Suisse Americas Foundation seeks to address societal challenges in the communities where the company employees live and work. The foundation also support schools and educational causes that offer effective opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

Thomas Spiegel Family Foundation

Koret Foundation
Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, the Koret Foundation addresses societal challenges by investing in strategic solutions that promote educational opportunity, contribute to a diverse cultural landscape and bolster organizations that are innovative in their approaches to meeting community needs. The foundation was seeded with the estates of Joseph and Stephanie Koret.

We would also like to recognize individual supporters of the TAP effort around the country.

Platinum Level

Sandra Salka —  Santa Monica, CA (2012)
Muhit Rahman and the rest of MCC '68 —  Santa Monica, CA (2011)
Muhit Rahman —  Santa Monica, CA (2010)

Silver Level

Norman Conard —  Fort Scott, KS
Susan Couch —  Lake Charles, LA
Suzanne Craig —  Edmond, OK
Wlliam Duncan —  Alpharetta, GA
Linda Fisher —  San Diego, CA
Jane Foley —  Los Angeles, CA
Wallace Fujii —  Kahului, HI
Alicia Harris —  Indianapolis, IN
David Jordan —  Sioux Falls, SD
Mark Jordan —  Chicago, IL
Margaret Moore —  Henderson, NV
Thomas J. Sferes —  Kennebunk, ME
Sanderson Smith —  Carpinteria, CA
John Snyder —  Las Vegas, NV
Kathleen Vasquez —  Seattle, WA

Bronze Level

Russ Adams —  Orange City, IA
Evelyn Andrews —  Tualatin, OR
Mary Lou Arguelles-Anderson —  Albuquerque, NM
Ernie Ashby —  North Las Vegas, NV
Ede Ashworth —  Wellsburg, WV
Roy Barnes —  Pine Bluff, AR
Susana Baum —  Carlsbad, CA
Sarah Bax —  Washington, DC
Alice Bertels —  Topeka, KS
Jill Board —  Oakridge, OR
Rosemarye Boykins —  Thomasville, GA
William Branch —  Westchester, IL
LaRayne Brown —  Beaver, UT
Marsha Carr-Lambert —  Scherr, WV
Elizabeth Clemons —  Honolulu, HI
Laura Croom —  Fremont, NE
Janice Crowley —  Wichita, KS
Shirley Curtis —  Fairfield, OH
Linda Depro —  Lancaster, PA
Cheryl Dimartino —  Las Vegas, NV
Maria Ferrandini —  Newburyport, MA
Edna Forsgren —  Duckwater, NV
Eleanor Gaines —  Scottsdale, AZ
Gaylon Garner —  Richton Park, IL
John Genasci —  Sparks, NV
Carol Glanville —  Bristol, RI
Eula Glenn —  Detroit, MI
Annette Gurley —  South Holland, IL
Madonna Hanna —  Tacoma, WA
Mary Harris —  Shreveport, LA
L.F. Henderson —  Ashdown, AR
Mae Johnson —  Monterey, CA
Lawrence Joyo —  Pukalani, HI
Janet Jump —  Wichita, KS
Delise Kirkeide —  Fesseden, ND
Diane Koutsulis —  Las Vegas, NV
Peter Krasa —  Pebble Beach, CA
Marian Lacey —  Little Rock, AR
Terrance Levenda —  Portage, IN
Robin Lindsley —  Forest Grove, OR
Doug Lundberg —  Colorado Springs, CO
Kevin McCann —  Chicago, IL
Cosetta Moore —  Los Angeles, CA
Emily Myers —  Bluffton, SC
Anne Neidhardt —  Severna Park, MD
Barbara New —  Pittsburgh, PA
Teacola Offutt —  Cleveland Heights, OH
Susan Olesen —  Greenfield, IA
Wayne Piercy —  Lakewood, CA
Patricia Proctor —  Villa Rica, GA
Patricia Pursley —  Knoxville, TN
Beth Randklev —  Grand Forks, ND
Grace Repass —  Durham, NC
Barbara Ridgway —  Clancy, MT
Jacqueline Rogers —  Collins, MS
William Dan Russell —  Jonesborough, TN
Kenneth Sakatani —  San Francisco, CA
Nick Salerno —  El Monte, CA
Suzanne Scotten —  Colfax, CA
Jeffrey Sebastian —  Cranberry Township, PA
Barbara Simmons —  Punta Gorda, FL
Bonnie Somers —  Calabasas, CA
Jeff Swenerton —  Escondido, CA
Jeffrey Swenerton —  Escondido, CA
Estes Taplin —  Ruth, MS
Tom Tusken —  Duluth, MN
Dr. Jose Valderas —  Hale, MI
Nancy Varian —  East Canton, OH
Trang Vuong —  Tyler, TX
Ralph Watanabe —  Perl City, HI
Doreatha White —  Chesapeake, VA
Judith Whitener —  Farmington, MO
Dr. Betty Williams —  Tacoma, WA
Shirley Willimon —  Simpsonville, SC
Christine Wood —  Bakersfield, CA
Chuck Woodward —  Denver, CO
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